Doubt / Minnesota Opera / 2013

"As Father Flynn, Matthew Worth complements his flexible baritone with a dashing, ingratiating presence that may or may not conceal a dark secret."
Mike Silverman, Associated Press

"Matthew Worth matches her [soprano Christine Brewer as Sister Aloysius] with a note-perfect performance as Father Flynn. A baritone asked to traverse a tremendous expanse in this role, both musically and in characterization, Worth makes him complex and fascinating, charismatic and conflicted."
Ron Hubbard, Pioneer Press

"The cast could hardly have been stronger. Matthew Worth, a fine baritone, brought out the ambiguity of Father Flynn's character."
James R. Oestreich, The New York Times

"Displaying a rich, flexible baritone, Matthew Worth gave an impressively layered portrayal of Father Flynn."
Michael Anthony, Opera News

"Baritone Matthew Worth, the male lead in this tenorless opera, makes us feel ambivalent about Father Flynn and makes his every syllable intelligible."
Larry Fuchsberg, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Baritone Matthew Worth is equally convincing as Father Flynn--he's dashing and seductive, but also, in fleeting but persuasive moments, more than a little creepy."
Susannah Schouweiler, KnightArts

"Highlights in the cast include the cello-voiced Worth's charmingly mysterious Flynn."
Joe Kellen, Minnesota Daily