JFK / Fort Worth Opera / 2016

"In appearance and voice, Matthew Worth, as JFK, has the All-American charisma and power you expect from a twentieth-century president, but he can muss it up, too, and show affecting helplessness."
Henry Stewart, Opera News

"Matthew Worth sang like a dream, the state of JFK during much of the opera."
Christopher Purdy, NPR

"A far cry from the hale and hearty public persona, resonant baritone Matthew Worth’s JFK is a pill-popping physical wreck and wracked with insecurity."
Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, Theater Jones

"Jack, the appealing, youthful baritone Matthew Worth, is soaking his chronically sore back in the tub, half asleep, calling out to Jackie for relief."
Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

"All in the cast sing and act strongly. Matthew Worth and Daniela Mack supply none of the larger-than-life magnetism of Jack or Jackie but are believable, instead, as a real-life fraught couple."
Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

"Matthew Worth was a handsome, beleaguered Jack, trying to live up to everyone’s expectations."
Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal

"There isn’t a bad or weak voice anywhere in the cast, not even in the excellent chorus, prepared by Stephen Dubberly and lending commentary in the manner of a Greek tragedy. Matthew Worth is slenderer than JFK, and I wish his coif more resembled the president’s much imitated one. But, at the price of some distorted vowels, he commands a crisply handsome baritone."
Scott Cantrell, The Dallas Morning News