Silent Night / Wexford Festival Opera / 2014

"The casting was excellent, the standout being American baritone Matthew Worth as Lieutenant Audebert. Worth made us feel the exhaustion, futility and hopelessness of war with aching poignancy. He was also quite moving in the scene in which he responds to the death of his gunned-down aide-de-camp Ponchel..."
Brian Kellow, Opera News

"Matthew Worth is expressive as Lieutenant Audebert, longing to meet his newly born son. The whole cast captures the human tragedy."
John Allison, The Telegraph

"The Wexford cast, headed by Chad Johnson’s Sprink, Sinéad Mulhern’s Anna Sørensen and Matthew Worth’s Lieut Audebert, give forcefully impassioned performances."
Michael Dervan, The Irish Times

"Matthew Worth brought a nostalgic warmth to Audebert's reflections; his sensitive phrasing and well-centred baritone suggested the honour and honesty of the French Lieutenant..."
Claire Seymour, Opera Today

"Matthew Worth sang the key role of Lieutenant Audebert with a pliable, generous baritone."
James Sohre, CNY Café Momus

"Matthew Worth shines as Lieutenant Audebert with his vigorous baritone and haunting performance."
Thomas Molke, Online Musik Magazin

"In an ensemble work such as this it seems unfair to single out individuals, but...Matthew Worth as the French lieutenant (the most interesting character in both film and opera)...stood out."
Rodney Milnes, Opera Magazine