Three Decembers / Fort Worth Opera / 2012

"Worth ... [was] spectacular. Worth cut a likable figure, had a booming voice with great control, and delivered Heggie's gallows humor with precise timing and cadence."

Anthony Mariani, Fort Worth Weekly

"Matthew Worth's expressive singing as Charlie is heart-breakingly beautiful in vocal and emotional tone."
Laurie Lynn Lindemeier, Pegasus News

"The role of Charlie is, far and away, the most difficult of the three, dramatically. Portrayed expertly by Matthew Worth, Charlie is a gay man in the heart of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s (his partner has contracted HIV and is slowly dying), and he feels alienated from Madeline because she refuses to acknowledge his partner (or, it's implied, his homosexuality). Worth has an amazingly smooth texture in his singing voice, which is matched with his solid acting skills. Charlie has the greatest growth of all the characters, and Worth navigates the minefield that is Charlie easily and with solid aplomb."
John Norine, Jr., Theater Jones